Recall: Sugar-free drink with sugar - danger for diabetics

Recall: Sugar-free drink with sugar - danger for diabetics

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Kaufland calls back wrongly declared soft drink

The Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety as well as Kaufland are warning of a sugar-free soft drink that contains sugar. This can be particularly dangerous for people with diabetes.

It is the energy drink "Crazy Wolf Sugarfree" in the 1.5 liter bottle from the manufacturer Egger Getränke GmbH. The affected products have a best-before date of February 3, 2021. The soft drink was incorrectly labeled sugar-free and is therefore being recalled.

Danger for diabetics

Contrary to what is stated on the label, the product contains eleven grams of sugar per 100 milliliters. Uncontrolled sugar consumption can be a health hazard for people with diabetes. However, the drink is safe for people who have no restrictions from sugar consumption, except that the sugar consumes significantly more calories.

How did the error come about?

"In the course of an internal control, the mis-declaration of the product was noticed", the manufacturer writes in a consumer information on the Kaufland website. The reason is a mistake in production. The label of the sugar-free variant was incorrectly applied to the sugared “Crazy Wolf” energy drink.

Where can the energy drink be returned?

According to the manufacturer, the affected items have already been taken out of sale. Anyone who has already bought the above article can return it to any Kaufland branch. There the purchase price will be refunded even without presentation of a receipt.

Questions about the recall?

For questions about the recall, the Austrian manufacturer Egger Getränke GmbH & Co OG can be reached on phone number +43 50 30 0/1 63 33 or the email [email protected] and the free hotline from Kaufland on phone number 08 00/1 52 83 52 ready. (vb)

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