Lose weight: can pineapples actually reduce weight?

Lose weight: can pineapples actually reduce weight?

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The pineapple is often touted as a miracle cure for losing weight - rightly?

In magazines and on the Internet the pineapple is repeatedly touted as a true miracle cure for losing weight. Above all, an enzyme contained in the exotic fruit is said to stimulate fat burning and thus contribute to weight loss. But is the pineapple diet really recommended?

During the corona lockdown, additional "hip gold" accumulated in many people. In order to get rid of the extra pounds, it is important on the one hand to exercise enough, on the other hand, it also depends on the right diet. Some people try to lose weight with the so-called "pineapple diet". But is it really recommendable?

Low calorie fruit with healthy ingredients

According to the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE), pineapple is the most frequently eaten exotic fruit in Germany after bananas and citrus fruits.

It is particularly popular because of the aroma, which is composed of over 200 volatile substances. But also in terms of ingredients, the low-calorie pineapple is difficult to beat.

It contains numerous vitamins, especially vitamin C, as well as minerals, enzymes and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc.

Enzyme is said to perform miracles

Fresh pineapple also contains the enzyme bromelin (also bromelain), which according to the BZfE promotes digestion and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The pineapple's bromeline content has earned it a reputation as a "fat burner".

As the Swiss Society for Nutrition (SBU) explains on its website, this enzyme has the ability to break down food protein into small particles. According to the SBU, bromelin has no influence on our fat balance.

The fat reserves only melt when we use more energy (kcal) than we consume (keyword: negative calorie balance).

Unilateral and unbalanced diet

As the experts write, the famous pineapple diets do not work because of the bromine content, but because of the reduction in total energy intake associated with the diet.

For example, with these diets it is often recommended to reduce the calorie intake per day to around 1,000 kcal and to consume these calories almost exclusively through fresh pineapple.

A (rapid) weight reduction is very possible, but it does not guarantee long-term success, nor does it do anything good for your health.

Since the pineapple diet as a single diet is very one-sided and unbalanced, the SBU does not recommend it.

But even if the pineapple is not a miracle cure for losing weight, as a fruit it provides the body with the valuable vitamins, minerals, secondary plant substances and nutritional fibers described above and can therefore be integrated into the menu.

Due to the poor ecological balance, however - like other exotic fruits - the fruit should not be served on the table too often.

The SBU recommends five servings of fruits and vegetables in different colors every day. (ad)

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