Insect bites: Early measures soften the course

Insect bites: Early measures soften the course

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Cooling instead of scratching: what to do with insect bites

With rising temperatures, people are increasingly outside. With all the advantages that fresh air brings, however, the risk of being stung by an insect also increases. A skin expert explains what should be done after a sting to minimize the consequences.

Bees or mosquitoes are as much a part of summer as the ice and the swimming lake. Your stitches can be uncomfortable to painful - what helps against swelling and itching? Bees, wasps or hornets: if the skin swells after an insect bite, cooling helps. "It is also important not to scratch," says dermatologist Christoph Liebich from Munich.

Do not rump on the stitch

"The more you manipulate the stitch, the stronger the reaction," explains the doctor from the professional association of German dermatologists. In the case of bees, the sting often gets stuck in the skin. As a rule, however, it does not hang very firmly and can be pulled out easily - with your fingers or with tweezers, advises Liebich.

When to go to the doctor after the stitch

It is normal for the skin to swell strongly after stings from bees, wasps or hornets. However, the injection site should improve after a day or two and hurt less. "If not, you'd better have it clarified."

People with insect bite allergy need to be careful

For allergy sufferers, stings from bees or wasps can be life-threatening. Anyone who knows about the allergy prefers to have an emergency kit with certain medications with them for emergencies. But it is important "to see a doctor even after using this set in order to be examined again," emphasizes Liebich.

Call an emergency doctor if you experience these symptoms

What if you don't know about an allergy? "Heartbeat, shortness of breath, circulatory problems and fainting are symptoms of an allergic shock," says Liebich. Then you should call 112.

Nasty black mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can also spoil the day in the sun. After a sting, cold helps against the itching. One species is particularly nasty, says Liebich: "Nasty stinging reactions on the skin cause the black mosquito due to the composition of the saliva." The spot blushes and becomes very thick - but that is normal. A heat stick can help here or an anti-inflammatory cream with some cortisol. (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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