"Uncle Ben's" rice callback: health risk from metal splinters!

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Company recalls rice for metal splinters

Mars Food GmbH from Verden in Lower Saxony has started a recall for the product "Uncle Ben’s Original Long Grain Rice in a Cooking Bag". According to the company, some packages of the product could contain metal splinters. We do not recommend consuming the goods.

Mars Food GmbH from Verden in Lower Saxony is recalling a limited number of the product "Uncle Ben's Original Long Grain Rice in Cooking Bags" (10 min, 1kg). Reason for the measure: Foreign bodies could be in the rice.

Product could contain small pieces of metal

According to a message published by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) on its portal "", the following product is the only one that could be affected:

Uncle Ben's original long grain rice in a cooking bag, "Perfect in 10 minutes", 1kg EAN code: 5410673854001, best before date: 13.08.2022.

The EAN code can be found on the bottom and the best before date on the lid of the packaging.

“It could be that there are small pieces of metal in a few packs of the product. No other products are affected! ”Writes the company.

According to the BVL, sales were limited to Baden-Württemberg.

Rice should not be consumed

Mars Food asks consumers who have purchased the affected product not to consume it and to contact Mars Food customer service by phone or email.

Foreign bodies in food can cause various injuries and complaints. Depending on the size, nature and material, they can cause wounds in the mouth and throat when chewing.

In addition, swallowed parts of the appropriate size can block the esophagus or digestive organs and cause internal injuries.

If smaller parts remain in the body, they can sometimes cause inflammation. (ad)

Author and source information

This text corresponds to the requirements of the medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical doctors.


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