Ear pain or inflammation: what to watch out for in ear drops

Ear pain or inflammation: what to watch out for in ear drops

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Only use ear drops at body temperature

In the case of acute earache, one thing is particularly important: to quickly alleviate the extremely unpleasant symptoms. In many cases, this can be achieved with home remedies such as an onion wrap. Some people also use ear drops. It should be ensured that the drops are warm to the body.

Pain, inflammation or blocked ear canals: ear drops have a local effect on such complaints. To make this work, you should definitely pay attention to a few tricks when using it.

Cold fluids in the ear can cause pain and dizziness

Ear drops should not get too cold in the ear. Before use, it is best to hold the vial in your hand for a while or leave it in your pocket for a while, recommends the "Apotheken Umschau" (issue B02 / 2020). Cold liquids can cause dizziness or pain in the ear.

So that the drops get where they should work, the best thing to do is to put your head aside and pull your earlobe back up. Attention: In small children, parents should pull the earlobe back down. This is how the natural curvature of the ear canal can be compensated.

Wait a few minutes after application. However, closing the ear canal with cotton wool is not a good idea: if the ear is not ventilated, germs can multiply well in a warm, humid climate, as the magazine explains.

Ear drops are also only suitable for people with an intact eardrum - unless the doctor prescribes otherwise. (ad, source: dpa / tmn)

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