Healing climatic health resorts in Germany

Healing climatic health resorts in Germany

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A climatic health resort has a bioclimate with therapeutic benefits. measures this bioclimate using the gentle, stimulus and stress factors. The air quality must be excellent. As a spa, he needs a spa park, spa doctors, hotels and restaurants, specialists who are trained in climate therapy and the infrastructure to use the climate such as sunbathing areas, beach chairs or baths. Traffic and noise are limited at a health resort and smoking is only permitted in certain areas. Medical-meterological reports confirm the quality of the climate and air hygiene.

Strict requirements for health resorts

A climatic health resort meets strict requirements to be recognized and to remain. These are:

  • two-year measurements of an automatic climate station,
  • one-year measurement of air quality at three or more locations,
  • Climate assessment with extended climate analysis and bioclimatological assessment,
  • Expert opinion on air quality,
  • bioclimatological assessment of the terrain trail network,
  • continuous measurements of an automatic climate station to monitor the local remedy,
  • periodic review every 5 years,
  • Site visit with assessment of the air hygiene conditions,
  • one-year control measurements of air quality,
  • Confirmation of the climate report,
  • Air quality assessments.

Healing cures

Health cure is a protected term. Such a cure must be carried out under the direction of a doctor according to a cure plan in a health resort contained in the health resort directory, the accommodation must be in the health resort and the cure must be local.

Don't be fooled by terms such as "wellness facilities" or "health centers". These are not protected and are not subject to any tests.


Various methods are possible for a cure in climatic health resorts.

Exercise baths are a form of exercise therapy and work against age-related diseases of the spine and joints, they strengthen the muscles and even help against certain tumors.

The body is much lighter in the water, and this allows the patient to perform movements that are not possible outside of the water. 32 degrees water temperature are advised.

Herbal baths use herbs, plants, essential oils, minerals, bog, oxygen or carbonic acid with which the water is enriched. The body can absorb the active substances in the bathing water through the skin and mucous membranes.

Most climatic health resorts offer physiotherapy. The physiotherapists perform stretching exercises and massages with the patients to treat orthopedic complaints.

Water aerobics and aqua fitness are standard, especially in spas. Aquafitness is "more modern" and brings in music, aerobics or Pilates exercises. It takes place in shallow water, the patients have aids such as swimming belts that facilitate the movements.

The exercises in the water are less strenuous and at the same time more effective than on land. Good for the muscles and circulation. The endurance increases, as does the flexibility.

Everything for health?

In all health resorts that are also tourist destinations, the following applies: inform yourself thoroughly! "Wellness" is a gold donkey in recognized health resorts and often just as little of medical use as the "antiques" on the Cairo bazaar date from the time of the pharaohs.

Above all: If a place has a particularly beneficial effect on health due to its air, mineral springs, the nature of the earth or a “breathing” mixed forest and alleviates specific complaints, please consider five times whether you want a foot reflexology massage, “Celtic tree horoscopes “Or need fabricated wisdom from Filipino spiritual healers. The best way to heal yourself in such places is to hike in the forest or by the sea, bathe in pure water or breathe the clean air.

In other words: naturopathy at health resorts is exactly what the word says. Healing in nature through nature and with therapies that use the powers of nature. You do not need a “climate therapist” to explain to you for 80.00 euros an hour how to tie your hiking shoes or which foot to put in front of the others to walk through the forest.

As soon as something looks like money-making, enjoy nature and don't touch it.

Which climate is healing climate?

Healing climate not only means free from pollutants, but also denotes a favorable influence on diseases. The altitude, the nature of the ground, proximity to the sea, abundance of water (rivers, lakes), forests and meadows all affect the density of the air, temperature and humidity, solar radiation, precipitation, wind protection and air purity.

There are differences between the lake and inland climate, mountain and lowland climate, high and low mountain ranges. Are the winters cheap or hard, the summers dry or rainy?

1) Inland climatic health resorts heights of up to 400 m are particularly suitable when forests and ridges store the heat. Then they are suitable for colds, rheumatism, for complaints with the lungs and mucous membranes.

We find such health resorts in the Harz Mountains, in the Nagoldtal in Baden-Würtemberg, in Freiburg im Breisgau, in Gernsbach in the Baden-Baden district, in Hornberg in the Black Forest, in Neckargemünd, or in Wiesbaden and Wilhelmsbad near Hanau.

2) Mountain climate in 400-800 m has a beneficial effect on the nerves, breathing and nutrition. However, the temperatures change, so that oversensitive people find little relaxation here. Examples of mountain resorts are Reichenhall in Upper Bavaria, St. Andreasberg in the Harz, St. Blasien and Triberg in the Black Forest, Elgersburg in Thuringia, Lauterbach near the Harz, or Streitberg Franconia.

3) Mountain climate with an alpine influence in 500-900 m is more changeable than in lower locations. Healing climatic health resorts with these conditions include Badersee in Bavaria, Sonnenberg and Seelisburg.

4) Alpine spas over 900 m can be found in Germany in Berchtesgaden-Königssee on an area of ​​more than 125 square kilometers in five communities around the Watzmann. At this height, the sun looks more intense. The climate has a positive effect on asthma, scrofulosis, pneumonia and consumption.

5) Maritime climate characterizes a lot of humidity and high air pressure, the temperatures fluctuate little, the wind is strong. However, the climate on the North Sea is too violent for people of poor constitution.

Health resorts on the North Sea include Wyk auf Föhr, Langeoog, Amrum, Sylt, Helgoland and Norderney, on the Baltic Sea Saßnitz on Rügen.

6) Some resorts are considered due to their mild spring and / or even winters Winter resorts excellent, for example Salzuflen, Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden or Soden or Falkenstein in the Taunus.


The area around the biosphere reserve in the Bavarian Alps has long relied on a tourist structure for health travelers. There are various wellness hotels and WellVital hotels, from hay or whey baths to fango massages.

The Berchtesgaden salt mine is ideal for people with respiratory complaints or rashes.


Garmisch-Patenkirchen is one of sixteen premium-class climatic health resorts. The Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich designed the “climatic movement therapy” - explicitly for the spa.

It means: Doctors examine what requirements a guest fulfills. Then climate therapists develop hiking routes for those affected that relate to their individual abilities.

This therapy is considered effective for coronary heart problems, immune deficiencies, musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory and skin problems. 300 km of marked hiking trails lead around the landscape of the health resort.


Winterberg in North Rhine-Westphalia offers nature, nature sports and therapeutic therapies. There are air baths, sun baths and outdoor walking. The general blood circulation improves in particular.

Bad Lippspringe

Bad Lippspringe is located in the low mountain range and offers a pleasant climate. Winds between the Eggegebirge and Senne ventilate the place. The air is clean and there is little fog. Very sensitive people can start climate therapy here without any problems.

The climate is considered favorable for respiratory complaints, migraines, allergies and cardiovascular problems.

Bad Lippspringe is both a state-approved health spa and a climatic health resort.

Health resorts in the Black Forest

Various spas, climatic health resorts and Kneipp health resorts are located in the Black Forest. The air of the low mountain range is one of the healthiest in all of Germany, so that a number of small towns can call themselves a climatic health resort. At least 32 are officially recognized.

Recognized spas are Baden-Baden, Badenweiler, Bad Bellingen, Bad Krozingen, Bad Liebenzell, Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach, Bad Teinach-Zavelstein, Bad Säckingen and Bad Wildlbad.

The climatic health resort can be called: Dobel, Hinterzarten, Höhenschwand, lenzkirch, Schluchsee, Schönwald, Titisee-Neustadt, Todtmoos and Triberg.

Bad Dürrheim and Bad Herrenalb are a spa and climatic health resort in one.

Recognized Kneipp health resorts can be found in Baiersbronn, Sasbachwalden and Villingen-Schwenningen.

Healing climatic - and Kneipp spa at the same time are Freudenstadt, Königsfeld, Schömberg and St. Blasien.

A curative spa operation is unusual, namely in Neubulach. Healing springs can be found in Freiburg, Gaggenau and Waldbronn.

In all of these places there is a wide range of therapies that are adjusted to the natural conditions. In Titisee-Neustadt, guests can choose from acupuncture, aroma therapy, respiratory therapy, aotogenic training, nutritional advice, color light therapy, the Five Tibetans, Moor and Fango, Oi Gong, back school, Shiatsu, Tai Chi, food combining, vapozon and yoga.

Therapies for arthrosis, respiratory diseases, heart, vascular and circulatory diseases, nervous disorders, orthopedic diseases, rheumatic complaints and metabolic diseases are medically recognized.


Baden-Baden was already a health resort in Roman antiquity. Saline water up to 69 degrees Celsius comes from the earth here, and Emperor Caracalla had thermal baths built to use this treasure.

Baden-Baden was a popular seaside resort in the Middle Ages. In the modern age, international guests finally came to the city, the gateway to the Black Forest mutated into the promenade of the rich and famous.

In addition to the healing springs, Baden-Baden offers drinking and Kneipp cures.


Schluchsee does not have such a rich historical tradition, but was still a backwood village in the Black Forest two generations ago. Today, from aroma therapy to lymphatic drainage to bio-lifting and respiratory therapy, there are various sensible and senseless from the wide range of healing methods.

However, beneficial effects on diseases of the heart, blood vessels and circulatory system, nerves and respiratory tract are recognized.

Bad Wildbad

Bad Wildbad offers hot springs at 35 to 41 degrees, well-proven baths such as the Palais Thermal and the König-Karls-Bad from the 19th century. Bad Wildbad is a good address for osteoarthritis, spinal problems and ankylosing spondylitis.

Bad Duerrheim

Bad Dürrheim is exceptional. It lies 100 m above a salt dome from which brine springs spring. The place also benefits from a pre-alpine healing climate and is therefore recognized as a spa and healing climate source.

The Solemar bathing and therapy center comprises eleven pools with warm water and a brine content of up to five percent. The mother-child cures are well known.

Bad Dürrheim is recommended for eye problems, cardiovascular problems, respiratory and arthrosis diseases, and also for childhood diseases.

The resin

The Harz is a unique low mountain range in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt because it is the only one in Germany with a tree line. The subject in the Hochharz corresponds to the high mountains, although the highest mountain, the Brocken, reaches little more than a thousand meters.

The region overflows with fairy tales of witches, giants and dwarfs, and the granite formations, bogs, stalactite caves or old mills let such fantasies sprout. Springs offer pure mineral water, numerous lakes invite you to swim in summer.

The healthy climate led to an extensive network of spa clinics and wellness providers at an early stage.

In Bad Gandersheim, natural springs provide the exercise pools, in the vital park there are aqua gymnastics, yoga and fitness courses as well as Nordic walking, massages, saunas, cosmetic treatments and brine baths.

Bad Grund offers cave therapy in the Eisenstein tunnel for respiratory complaints.

Bad Lauterberg has a Kneipp spa and offers Kneipp cures.

Bad Harzburg brings natural brine to the surface from a depth of 840 meters, visitors can pamper themselves in the sauna worlds. Operate aqua fitness or choose between eight saunas in the Sole-Therme.

The thermal bath offers a 32 degree warm spring bath, a whirlpool with 33 degrees and 2 outdoor pools with flow channels and massage jets. The sauna experience world includes a sauna with light effects, 2 steam saunas, a log cabin, a natural voice and an aroma sauna, as well as a brine grotto.

Climatic health resorts

Health resorts must have a climate that has been shown to have a good impact on health. The German Meteorological Service issues the expert reports.

The conditions are:

  • first-class air hygiene,
  • clean Air,
  • no excessive heat,
  • no moist and cold air masses that can build up and become dirty,
  • Forests and parks in the village,
  • different times of the day and night when cures take place,
  • no more than ten degrees difference between maximum and minimum temperature in one day,
  • little foggy days,
  • little fine dust pollution.

The climatic stimuli in such places have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, temperature regulation, hormone balance and the cardiovascular system.

Different diseases, different cures

Sunlight therapies primarily offer climatic health resorts in the high mountains, where the sun shines more intensely. Sunlight therapy is suitable for asthma patients because the low oxygen content makes breathing easier and pollen is not a problem.

This climate has a positive effect on breathing difficulties because it has a positive effect on the nose, bronchi and lungs.

A typical low mountain climate with forests and hills is particularly interesting due to the balanced temperatures. The air is cool and clean, strong winds intercept the trees.

Wooded low mountain ranges are suitable for relaxing for people who have no serious illnesses, but who are troubled by city stress, mild depression, inner unrest and unspecific headaches due to the urban lifestyle, muscle tension in the neck and shoulders or lack of drive.

They are also ideal for rehabilitation. If you get back on your feet after a serious operation or a long illness but are still not at full strength, the clean air and the stress-free environment are suitable for you.

Cardiovascular patients, people with respiratory problems and those affected by rheumatism also benefit from a stay in a health resort in the low mountain range.

Healthy sea air

A fresh breeze on the North Sea can be damn strong, but it does you good. The air is full of sea salt and pure; it cleans the respiratory tract, strengthens the body's immune system and helps against skin diseases, acne and rash.

The sea also potentiates the power of the sun. At the sea, healing air can also be optimally combined with a spa treatment. Minerals in the mud flats are also added to the North Sea. The wind that blows from the sea is pollen-free, and the waves wrestle aerosols that inhibit inflammation.

Especially at the sea: less is more. You don't need Tibetan singing bowl massages or Reiki courses on the North Sea.

Air, water, wind and sun in the North Sea have been blessed for centuries against psoriasis, neurodermatitis, acne, bronchitis and asthma.

Various health clinics and rehabilitation centers offer professional care, including for diseases of the bones, joints and muscles, diabetes mellitus, Morgus Cohn and cystic fibrosis.

Natural healing consists of mud and mud baths that supply the body with important minerals, full-body packs and thalassotherapy specially developed for the sea, which uses algae, silt, sand and sea water.

The largest thalassotherapy center in Germany is located on the island of Norderney. Packs with silt and algae are just as much a part of this as massages, aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy, peelings and inhalations.

It is not suitable for patients with high blood pressure, poor circulation or hyperthyroidism.

Physical activity only hurts such a cure in excess. However, the North Sea resorts offer countless opportunities for cycling, mudflat hiking, sailing or riding to do something good for your body and also enjoy nature.


Cuxhaven and the surrounding towns all the way to Cuxland offer various options for spa guests; the city has been a North Sea spa for 185 years.

A cure here at the mouth of the Elbe is suitable for inflammation of the throat, sinuses, tonsils, larynx, trachea and bronchi, hay fever, chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

Also for: rheumatic complaints, joint diseases, complaints in muscles, ligaments and intervertebral discs, paralysis, joint operations.

Skin diseases such as endogenous eczema, contact eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis and acne also alleviate natural cures around Cuxhaven, as well as menstrual problems, disorders of blood pressure and blood circulation.

Before a cure in Cuxhaven you should be checked for: Cancer, brain diseases, psychiatric problems that have not been treated, extremely high blood pressure and heart muscle weakness.

An insider tip is Sahlenburg near Cuxhaven, the only place on the North Sea where a forest, the Wernerwald, reaches right up to the beach, and it is only a ten-minute walk from the little-used part of the beach to a forest lake.

Well-developed cycling and hiking trails with minimal incline, nature reserves with old trees, heath and moor provide a good framework for relaxation.


In Holstein Switzerland, Bad Malente is called a climatic health resort. It lies in the middle of a lake and forest landscape between Eutin and Plön and has a wide range of medically supervised cures and preventive programs. Bad Malente has been a Kneipp spa since 1955 and a climatic health resort since 1996.

Many cycling and hiking trails, canoe rentals or Nordic walking complement Kneipp cures and climatic therapies.


Willingen in the Sauerland is a climatic health resort and also a destination for weekend trips. On the one hand, nature is attractive from forests, meadows and hills, on the other hand, the city has created an extensive range of leisure and wellness facilities.

This ranges from a summer toboggan run to a lagoon adventure pool to a cable car and a visitor mine.

The health center "Neuer Weg" is an official sports medical examination center of the state of Hesse and offers emergency medicine, acupuncture, palliative medicine, ozone and magnetic field therapy.

Cures in the Eifel

Daun is located in the far west of Germany. A spa park and a healing spring, a wide range of wellness options, hiking on the Eifelsteig or cycling on the Maare-Mosel cycle path complete a cure.

The Vulkaneifel is called therapeutic landscape. Medicinal springs and volcanic crater lakes, landscape parks and special clinics ensure prevention and provide the framework for successful treatments.

There are several special clinics in the Vulkaneifel. The Capio Mosel-Eifel Clinic in Bad Bertrich focuses on venous disorders, the Elfenmaar Clinic in the same town has the fous of orthopedics, rehabilitation and prevention, the Eifel Clinic in Manderscheid combines behavioral therapy, depth psychology and practicing procedures. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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This text corresponds to the specifications of the medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical doctors.


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