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The best home remedies for earache

The best home remedies for earache

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Natural home remedies for earache

Home remedies can be used effectively for earache if serious illnesses have been excluded. Sudden pain usually shows up in acute otitis media. Inflammation of the middle ear, which is accompanied by severe symptoms and fever, should be examined by a specialist and - if necessary - treated with an antibiotic. In the case of uncomplicated inflammation in the ear or accompanying medical treatment, a simple onion wrapping or heat applications from naturopathy can help to get rid of the pain in the ear.

First aid for earache

Envelopes and wraps with onions are one of the best known home remedies for otitis media and ear pain. Onions contain strong-smelling essential oils, which are also responsible for tearing the eyes when cutting onions. These oils have an antibacterial effect, stimulate the metabolism and loosen stuck mucus. If the onion pad is covered, heat is generated, which relieves the pain. Above all, the strongly disinfecting mustard oils counteract the inflammation in the ear.

For a simple onion wrapping, onions are finely chopped and distributed on a piece of cloth, for example bandage, and attached directly behind the ear. The envelope can be fastened with a hat or another cloth and left in for about half an hour. Alternatively, an old stocking can be filled with onion pieces or a raw onion slice can be placed behind the ear.

The versatile vegetables can also be processed into ear drops. For this, raw onion pieces are pressed through a garlic press, the juice is poured into a pipette bottle and a teaspoon of the fresh juice is dripped into the aching ear. The juice stays in your ear with a cotton ball and is protected from cold drafts. Instead, a few drops of garlic juice can be used. An onion tea is quickly made for internal use. A whole peeled onion is boiled in two cups of water for a while. Then simply remove the onion and sweeten with a little honey if necessary.

To support the healing process, as much as possible should be drunk in the case of ear pain. If the patient has a fever, he also loses fluid through sweating, which makes balancing the water balance particularly important. In the event of an infection, it is essential to take care of the bed and allow the body sufficient sleep and rest to activate its self-healing powers and quickly recover.

Since heat relieves the pain, it is advisable to cover the ears with a hat or a headband in the apartment as well. If the pain intensifies or no improvement is foreseeable and / or fever occurs in parallel, a visit to the doctor is essential.

Heat applications for earache

Especially with mild complaints, there is often a desire for warming measures. Then applications of heat therapy from naturopathy are suitable.

Ear vapor is recommended as a home remedy for chronic complaints. For the application you need a kettle, over the spout we pull a rubber hose. While the water in the kettle is being heated on the stove, hold the hose for steaming at a safe distance from the affected ear.

A warm envelope can be made from finely ground mustard flour, which is mixed with warm water to a paste and applied to a piece of cloth or cell dressing. The mustard flour wrapper should not be applied more than once a day for a maximum of 15 minutes, because its pungent-smelling essential oils can be very irritating to the skin. In the event of severe burning, it must also be removed prematurely.

Other warm or hot applications that are suitable for the treatment of ear pain are flaxseed or chamomile surcharges as well as pads with heated oil or fenugreek.

Cold wraps for ear diseases

A cooler can only be used when there is fresh ignition or when there is a dislike of heat Prießnitz surcharge to be preferred on the ear. A cloth made of linen, cotton terry cloth is soaked in very cold water and wrung out well. The cloth is folded up and wrapped again with a second cloth and finally held to the ear by a wool hat. The feet and the rest of the body must be kept warm with hot water bottles.

At the beginning of the inflammation, a cold healing earth wrap can be applied by mixing healing earth powder with cold water to a pulp and spreading it on a cotton or linen cloth. The envelope is attached with the wet side behind the ear and left there until it dries. A gentler effect is achieved if clay or healing earth is first applied as a neck wrap and only later is the wrapping directly on the ear.

Herbal tea for earache

In the case of inflammation, a mixture of linden flowers, angelica root, attic root and elderflower is suitable as an herbal tea. This sweaty tea is especially recommended for feverish colds with accompanying earache. Mullein and peppermint are also effective medicinal plants for sore ears.

A proven home remedy is freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice, which is drunk mixed with honey water and glucose. In addition to these medically effective drinks, it is also important to ensure that there is sufficient water.

General measures for earache

In most cases, acute ear infections also include fever, exhaustion / fatigue and other cold symptoms such as headache or dizziness. In naturopathy, general measures are recommended to relieve the body and support its self-healing powers. This includes strict bed rest and fasting days with diluted juices in the first days of the illness. Regular intestinal enemas or mildly laxative herbal teas (for example with senna leaves) are supposed to remove the toxins from the body. Fever is desirable as a protective measure of the body, but very high temperatures should be cooled down with night calf wraps.

Prevention of earache

For prevention, it is advisable to avoid cold wind and drafts in the area of ​​the head and to carefully dry the ear entrances after washing your hair or swimming. As a precaution, those who go swimming often should use a bathing cap or earplugs for protection, because water in the ears can penetrate faster. In addition, the chlorine in the water irritates the ear canal skin and thus favors inflammation.

Proper care is important. Do not use cotton swabs for cleaning, as these will either remove too much protective ear wax or push it deeper into the ear can cause obstruction of the ear canal. Since the ears are normally naturally self-cleaning, it is sufficient if the ear cup is carefully cleaned with a damp cloth. If, for example, this process does not work due to particularly crooked ear canals or if the ear wax is found to be very unpleasant, professional cleaning by the ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) is the right way.

If you have a cold, care should be taken to ensure that the nasal secretions run off sufficiently to prevent the germs from spreading into the ear canals. There are numerous options for self-treatment from naturopathy.

In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian experience medicine, for the prevention of earache it is advised to drop a drop of sesame or almond oil in each ear every day. As always with the prevention of infections, it is also important to strengthen the body's immune system in the case of otitis media. (Jvs, nr)

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