Effective home remedies for sore throats

Effective home remedies for sore throats

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Home remedies for self-treatment of a sore throat

Home remedies can be used for a sore throat. Most forms of sore throat are the result of a viral infection and occur as part of a sore throat, larynx, or a simple cold that is also accompanied by cough, runny nose, and other symptoms. There are a variety of traditional naturopathic home remedies for the symptoms that can be easily manufactured and used effectively at home.

First aid for sore throat: Drink a lot and protect the body

The symptoms are often alleviated by regular drinking, because this ensures that the mucous membranes are kept moist and irritation is reduced. The most suitable is water, which is drunk alternately with diluted fruit juices and herbal teas (for example sage, thyme, chamomile).

In the acute phase, you should eat soft, non-irritating food as much as possible and take care of your body for a day or two. It is important to avoid drafts, long and loud speaking and smoking. The living rooms should have enough humidity.

Sore throat: when to see a doctor?

Medical advice should be obtained if, despite self-treatment, the symptoms do not improve after three to five days or if a high fever occurs. A heavily swollen neck and visible pus in the throat area should be understood as sufficient reason to visit a doctor.

Cold sore throat for sore throat

A cold wrap that stays on the neck longer absorbs your own body heat, accumulates it, and thus actually acts like a heat application. Worn overnight, it can relieve pain and reduce inflammation. To make it, a linen cloth is moistened with cold water, folded into a scarf and wrapped around the neck. Another dry cloth and finally a wool scarf are tied over it.

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Quark wrap, potato wrap & flax seed wrap

If the damp and cold wrap does enough for some, others traditionally swear by the home remedy curd wrap for a sore throat. For this purpose, a damp and cold wrap is additionally coated with fresh curd cheese and wrapped directly around the neck with the curd side.

If you prefer it warm right away, you can mash boiled potatoes and wrap them hot in a cloth. When the mass has cooled a bit, the potato wrap is tied around the neck. Care should be taken, especially with small children, not to apply the wrap too hot!

To enhance the effect of neck wraps, it is also recommended to cook flaxseed flour from the health food store with a handful of marshmallow root in three liters of water for 20 minutes and then crush the mass to a pulp. Spread on a damp linen cloth and wrapped around the neck, the porridge has a soothing effect on sore throat and hoarseness.

Gargle with herbs and flax seeds

With a sore throat, the throat mucosa is dry, irritated and inflamed. Regular gurgling, for example every two hours, moisturizes the sore mucous membrane and brings the active ingredients from the gargle solution directly to the scene.

The essential oils of sage and chamomile counteract inflammation in the throat and throat, drive away viruses and bacteria and promote wound healing. To gargle, a solution of a teaspoon of sage leaves and a teaspoon of chamomile flowers is poured over with 0.5 liters of water. After 20 minutes the liquid can be strained and used for gargling.

The flax, scientifically as Linum usitatissimus is a plant that grows up to 80cm tall and has narrow leaves and blue flowers. Their elongated, brown seeds have a protective effect on the mucous membrane, which we can use for sore throats. To do this, pour a teaspoon of flaxseed with 0.25 liters of cold water and let it stand for twenty minutes without heating. The sieved liquid can be used directly as a garlic solution.

With herbal tea against sore throat

Sage and chamomile are suitable for internal use due to their anti-inflammatory and germ-inhibiting effects. If you add marshmallow root or linseed, the pharynx mucosa is particularly protected. If you also have body aches as part of a cold, the mixture can be supplemented with willow bark, the active ingredients of which are based on the natural role model of pain relievers aspirin represents.

Sweat-inducing components such as elder or linden flowers should not be missing to support the self-healing powers. The best thing to do is to put together a tea in the pharmacy that fits the acute complaints.

In the case of recurrent sore throat due to inflammation of the tonsils, throat or larynx, tea from the Bibernell root, drunk three times a day, can help. To do this, pour a quarter liter of cold water over a heaped teaspoon of Bibernell root and slowly bring it to a boil. After boiling for one minute, the liquid can be strained and drunk.

Healing berries for sore throats and colds

Berries have always been a popular home remedy for all colds, especially due to their richness in vitamins.

It is advisable to have spreads, dessert sauces and juices on your menu that contain sea buckthorn as a precaution, even in cold seasons. Likewise, rose hips, the fruits of wild rose, are often enjoyed as tea or jam in order to use their natural vitamin abundance to increase the body's powers. Like sea buckthorn, rosehip helps to get through all feverish colds quickly.

In addition to the generally increasing effect of the resistance, black currants and fresh blackberries are said to do good service especially for sore throats, coughs and hoarseness by mashing them and making them into a delicious drink with fresh mineral water and drinking them regularly.

Natural treatment with Schüssler salts

Pain in the throat can be treated very effectively with Schüssler salts. At the first signs such as scratching your throat, general malaise, fatigue and a rough sounding voice, salt no.3 (Ferrum phosphoricum) is the ideal first aid. Because it supports the body in absorbing oxygen into the blood and thereby boosts the metabolism, strengthens resistance and promotes the elimination of toxins.

If the difficulty swallowing is already more pronounced, the throat is red and the tongue is coated, salt 4 (potassium chloratum) is suitable. If the pain is accompanied by slimy expectoration, No. 3 and No. 4 can be taken alternately.

Potassium sulfuricum (No. 6) can help in the late stage of the inflammation, i.e. if the sore throat has persisted for a long time and a yellow tongue and sometimes yellowish secretions appear. This promotes oxygen transfer and cell renewal and stimulates detoxification and purification processes.

Salt 5 (potassium phosphoricum) can be used to relieve the symptoms of greatly enlarged almonds.

Tips for strengthening the immune system

In naturopathy, various other measures are recommended that strengthen the immune system and thus reduce the course of the disease or avoid it in the future. These include, for example, Kneippian casts, daily brush massages or individually tailored Bach flower therapy.

A glass of warm water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning can help strengthen your immune system. Important medicinal plants that can be used as a support are, for example, echinacea, purple sun hat or ginseng.

In general, it is advisable to pay attention to a healthy diet. Red, yellow, orange and green vegetables are particularly rich in vital substances such as beta-carotene and thus strengthen our body's defenses. You should therefore prefer vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots or tomatoes.

In fruit, among other things, lemons, grapefruit, oranges, bananas and berries have a positive effect on the immune system. It is recommended to use spices such as ginger, caraway or oregano to strengthen health.

Chronic stress promotes the development of a sore throat

If you weigh too many pounds, you should try to lose weight. Because overweight is usually a great risk to our health and weakens the immune system.

It is important to exercise regularly, get enough sleep and avoid excessive stress. After all, whoever runs “at full speed” and is under tension produces too many stress hormones, which in the long term lead to an increased susceptibility to infections. Relaxation exercises to relieve stress, such as yoga or autogenic training, can help to achieve more inner balance and thus a stronger immune system. (jvs, nr)

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