FDP wants to protect the profession of alternative practitioner

FDP wants to protect the profession of alternative practitioner

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FDP parliamentary group for the preservation of the alternative practitioner profession

The FDP parliamentary group of the Bundestag has spoken out in favor of preserving the profession of alternative practitioner. After individual FDP politicians in the Health Working Group of the FDP Group recently called for the abolition of the profession, the FDP parliamentary group now makes it clear: the profession should be retained and the training, if at all, then only "within the existing system" to be changed.

In a fundamental decision by the Free Democrats' group in the German Bundestag on the profession of alternative practitioner, the Free Democrats clearly spoke out in favor of the alternative practitioner profession. In doing so, you opposed the demands of the FDP's Health Group, which had called for the abolition of the profession in autumn.

The freedom of the individual also includes the right to self-determination over one's own body, according to the FDP parliamentary group. Patient sovereignty and thus the free choice of doctor and therapist are principles of the FDP's health policy convictions. The FDP therefore defends the right if people choose to forego treatments of their own choice or want to use alternative treatment methods, the effectiveness of which has not been proven according to the previously known scientific methods. The concept of healing has many dimensions and is ultimately decided by the experience and feeling of the individual.

Many people would appreciate the treatment by alternative practitioners. They would make a conscious decision and be responsible for their own decisions.

The non-medical practitioner review, which has been regulated nationwide for about a year, ensures that non-medical practitioners have the appropriate knowledge and skills so that their activities, if properly practiced, do not pose a risk to the health of their patients. The existing legal regulations are sufficient and may require adjustments within the existing system.

The decision was preceded by discussions at the state level. For example, FDP politicians in Bavaria strictly rejected the demands of the FDP Group's health group for the abolition of the HP profession.

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