Toilet seat to monitor heart health?

Toilet seat to monitor heart health?

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Special toilet seat detects and monitors heart failure

US researchers recently launched a new medical device that is set to revolutionize monitoring of people with heart disease. The centerpiece is high-tech clog glasses that automatically monitor important body functions while using the toilet at home.

A research team from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York presented an intelligent toilet seat that monitors heart health during daily business. Values ​​such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen supply in the blood and the body weight of the person sitting are determined. The seat is about to be approved and will then be handed over to cardiac patients by hospitals. The research results were recently published in the specialist journal "JMIR".

High relapse rate for heart failure

"Normally, 25 percent of patients with heart failure (heart failure) are re-admitted to the hospital within 30 days of being discharged from the hospital," explains development manager Dr. Nicholas Conn in a press release on the study results. 90 days after the discharge, 45 percent of those affected. Due to the high relapse rate, the researchers urgently need better monitoring methods in their own four walls.

Going to the toilet becomes a daily visit

The new toilet seat is equipped with measuring devices for electrical and mechanical monitoring of cardiac activity. After people with heart failure are discharged from the hospital, they will be given the new toilet seat, which will monitor heart health in their own four walls. If the condition deteriorates, the data is automatically forwarded to a selected practice.

Toilet seat is said to be offered throughout the United States

Tests on subjects and preclinical studies are currently underway. Conn and his team are currently working on the product from the U.S. health agency U.S. Get Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved. After that, it will be offered nationwide in hospitals. It is currently not known whether this concept will also be adopted in Germany. (vb)

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