Health warning: Organic bitter apricot kernels have excessive hydrocyanic acid

Health warning: Organic bitter apricot kernels have excessive hydrocyanic acid

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Organic bakery warns against eating bitter apricot kernels

The organic bakery Spiegelhauer from the Saxon Pirna warns against the consumption of the product "organic bitter apricot kernels". Excessive hydrocyanic acid was found in the cores. Hydrogen cyanide "can cause poisoning and lead to death," the company writes.

Highly toxic to humans

The organic bakery Spiegelhauer based in Pirna (Saxony) warns of the consumption of "organic bitter apricot kernels". "An excessive amount of hydrocyanic acid was found in the naturally wild organic bitter apricot kernels", the bakery wrote in a customer information. Affected is the article with the best before date 31.01.2020, Art. No. 738, content: 1kg. "When chewed, hydrocyanic acid is released from the amygdalin that is naturally contained in bitter apricot kernels and is highly toxic to people," says the company.

Product should be disposed of

Hydrogen cyanide (hydrogen cyanide) "can cause poisoning and lead to death," warns the bakery.

Symptoms that may appear include severe headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, and feelings of suffocation.

The company therefore advises you to dispose of any remaining stock of the affected product.

Cores for cancer therapy

Some people use apricot kernels to prevent the spread of cancer.

However, scientists from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have issued a warning about such dangerous cancer therapies.

The Chamber of Pharmacists of Westphalia has also pointed out the health risks from eating the kernels. The portal "" quotes from a statement:

"They have been recommended in various media as an alternative medicine against cancer - this is not scientifically proven. According to the current state of knowledge, apricot kernels are to be classified as food hazardous to health and not as medicinally effective medicinal products. "(Ad)

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