No time for sports? 15 minutes of HIIT training protect against diabetes

No time for sports? 15 minutes of HIIT training protect against diabetes

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How does HIIT affect insulin sensitivity?

Many people do not exercise enough, which leads to obesity, obesity and various diseases. A common reason or excuse for lack of exercise is that people simply don't have enough time to exercise longer. However, doctors have now found that three times 15 minutes a week training with high-intensity intervals (HIIT) is enough to greatly improve insulin sensitivity, which leads to improved protection against diabetes.

In their current study, the University of Edinburgh scientists found that three 15-minute HIIT sessions a week improve insulin sensitivity and protect against diabetes. The researchers published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Experimental Physiology".

Obesity favors the development of diabetes

The number of people who are overweight and obese is increasing. Type 2 diabetes is heavily associated with excessive weight. So-called insulin sensitivity is a marker for type 2 diabetes. The results of the study suggest that short periods of intense activity can improve insulin sensitivity and prevent the development of diabetes, the experts say.

Subjects performed various exercises with weights

To determine the effects of HIIT on insulin sensitivity, the researchers examined young overweight men, some of whom had to complete a strict 15-minute training routine for the study. Each training session involved nine different resistance exercises with weights, such as leg presses and bicep curls.

Insulin sensitivity improved by 16 percent

The men repeated these exercises within the 15 minutes until they were so exhausted that they could no longer do any sporting exercises and muscle failure occurred. After six weeks, the results showed that the 15-minute workout improved insulin sensitivity by 16 percent.

What is insulin sensitivity?

Insulin sensitivity determines how a person reacts to the hormone insulin, which is responsible for the absorption of glucose from our blood in order to use it as energy or to store it in tissues. Type 2 diabetes occurs when insulin sensitivity decreases, causing blood sugar levels to rise. If left untreated, this increases a person's risk of heart disease and stroke.

More research is needed

All participants also found that their muscles grew stronger and bigger after just two weeks. Additional studies with men of different sizes and health should be done in the future to check the results, experts say. It is known that training in the gym does not really appeal to some people. It is therefore necessary to investigate whether people can do exercises at home without special fitness equipment in order to achieve similar beneficial effects, the authors of the study explain. (as)

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