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The fingers perform an extremely wide range of functions. They serve not only for easy gripping and touching, but also as an element of communication, for example, and even perform difficult tasks such as playing the piano. As part of the hand, the fingers - apart from the thumb - are made up of three bones each. The thumb, however, has only two bones. However, its freedom of movement enables finely controlled gripping with two fingertips. The fingers have a total of 14 finger joints.

The fingers of the human hand are divided into thumb (pollex), index finger (index), middle finger (digitus medius), ring finger (digitus anularis) and little finger (digitus minimus). At the tip of the fingers is on the top of the fingernail and underneath the so-called fingertip, which is particularly well supplied with blood and has many nerve cells. The fingertips play a central role in our sense of touch.

As a result of the stresses to which our fingers are exposed in everyday life, signs of wear in the form of osteoarthritis often appear with increasing age. Some diseases such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis are also increasingly noticeable in the finger joints. In addition, the fingers of many people come into contact with pollutants and environmental toxins every day, which leads to damage to the skin. Dry, flaky and cracked skin on the fingers is a typical consequence here. (fp)


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