New therapeutic fasting study confirms the positive effects on high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and many other diseases

New therapeutic fasting study confirms the positive effects on high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and many other diseases

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Therapeutic fasting study confirms numerous positive effects

The largest study of this type to date shows the numerous positive health effects that fasting can effect. The health effects of therapeutic fasting were documented in over 1400 participants. The doctors were able to show that a clinical fasting program is a safe and well-tolerated method both for the prevention of aging-related diseases and for the treatment of chronic metabolic disorders and obesity.

Researchers around Dr. med. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo of the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic on Lake Constance recently conducted in cooperation with Professor Dr. Andreas Michalsen from the University Clinic Charité Berlin carried out the largest scientific study to date on the effects of Buchinger therapeutic fasting. The team analyzed a detailed data collection of 1,422 fasters who completed a five to twenty day fasting program in the clinic in 2016. The results of the study were recently published in the renowned journal "PLOS One".

Fasting mobilizes stored energy in adipose tissue

Among other things, the study showed that fasting mobilizes the energies of the human body that are stored in the fat tissue. According to the researchers, this results in numerous positive aspects. For example, the metabolism switches and derives its energies from glucose and from fat and ketone consumption. The doctors proved this by the permanent presence of ketone bodies in the urine of the participants.

Lose weight with therapeutic fasting

According to the study, fasting is also associated with significant weight loss. The participants had a reduced abdominal circumference and reduced cholesterol and blood fat levels after fasting. The researchers rate medical fasting as a suitable method for weight loss.

Fasting for high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular complaints

The study also showed that fasting normalized the participants' blood pressure. The blood sugar and HbA1c values ​​were also better after fasting than before. The study team recommends Buchinger therapeutic fasting for the prevention of heart diseases as well as for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Arthritis, fatty liver, hypercholesterolemia and exhaustion

The medically accompanied fasting also improved with other complaints. 84 percent of the participants improved the course of serious illnesses and complaints such as arthritis, fatty liver, high blood lipid levels and fatigue syndrome. If done correctly, fasters do not have to endure feelings of hunger. 93 percent of the participants stated that they did not feel hungry during the treatment.

What are the side effects of fasting?

The study deals exclusively with the effects of medically accompanied fasting in a clinic. Here, the doctors could only document a few side effects. In some cases, restless sleep, headache, fatigue, or lumbar vertebrae pain have been reported, especially in the first three days.

About the Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting program

The participants carried out therapeutic fasting via the Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting program. With this traditional method, patients consume an average of 200 calories a day through organic fruit juices and soups. The fasting program is also accompanied by physical activity and supported by an environment characterized by calm and mindfulness. (vb)

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