The brazenest advertising lie of the year goes to the waters of Coca-Cola

The brazenest advertising lie of the year goes to the waters of Coca-Cola

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Advertising Lie of the Year: Golden Cream Puff 2018 for Coca-Cola Water

For the eighth time, the consumer protection organization Foodwatch has awarded the "Golden Cream Puff". This year, the prize for the "brazenest advertising lie of the year" went to the so-called "Smartwater" from Coca-Cola.

Expensive mineral water

Mineral water is one of the favorite drinks of the Germans. Many consumers also have to pay a lot, even though studies have repeatedly shown that tap water is as good as mineral water in many regions. Those who buy the so-called "Smartwater" from Coca-Cola have to dig deep into their pockets. It is up to seven times more expensive than normal mineral water. The consumer protection organization Foodwatch therefore speaks of "consumer rip-off with the number one staple food" and has chosen the product as the brazenest advertising lie of the year.

Pimped product

As Foodwatch wrote in a message, the "cloud-inspired" so-called "Smartwater" from Coca-Cola wins the Golden Cream Puff 2018.

According to the experts, it is a nasty mineral water, pimped up with a process that is completely useless from a nutritional point of view. However, it is significantly more expensive than conventional mineral water.

According to the information, almost 70,000 people took part in the vote on the golden cream puff this year. Around a third chose the “Smartwater” as the brazenest advertising lie of the year.

Nutritionally completely useless trick

According to Foodwatch, Coca-Cola advertises its "Smartwater" product as "steam-distilled natural mineral water for a clear, fresh taste".

However, there is a simple process behind advertising slogans such as “inspired by clouds”: the water is first evaporated and then collected again, and lost minerals are later artificially added again.

According to the experts, the process is a nutritionally completely useless trick that consumers pay dearly: With 1.65 euros per liter, the "Smartwater" is up to seven times more expensive than normal mineral water.

Pull the money out of consumers' pockets

"Coca-Cola is brazenly rip-off with the number one staple," said Sophie Unger, election manager for the 2018 Golden Cream Puff.

“In order to pull the money out of the consumers' pockets, Coca-Cola came up with an outrageous processing method that sounds scientific, but is completely nonsensical. The 'Smartwater' is just plain water, sold at a high price, ”says Unger.

“The retail sector is making a big contribution to the cloudy advertising promises - that has to be the end. The retailers have to clear the Coca-Cola fake product off the shelves. ”

Legal deception in the food sector

In addition to the Coca-Cola water, four other products were nominated for the Golden Cream Puff 2018. In the election period since November 6, almost 70,000 valid votes were received.

The Smartwater received 30.5% of the vote. The Kids Ketchup from Heinz came in second place with 28.1 percent. Corny milk from Schwartau (15.6%), frying oil Olive from Denree (13.5%) and pea stew from Edeka (12.3%).

Foodwatch awards the Golden Cream Puff for the eighth time. This year, consumers were able to propose candidates themselves in advance of the election.

Four of the five nominated products were suggestions from users, the “Smartwater” from Coca-Cola had nominated Foodwatch.

With the online vote on the Golden Cream Puff, Foodwatch claims to draw attention to legal deception in the food sector and to achieve better statutory labeling rules.

The consumer protection organization demands, among other things, an understandable nutritional traffic light, a ban on misleading health advertising and realistic product images and descriptions.

Previous cream puff winners included the Actimel drinking yoghurt from Danone (2009), the milk slices from Ferrero (2011) and an instant tea for children from Hipp (2012). Last year the negative price went to a sugar-coated children's cookie from Alete. (ad)

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